About us

Lazy Daisy is a small fashion brand. We create clothes for girls and women. Our focus is on delicate patterns, soft fabrics and simple designs

All our products are tested by us personally and by our kids 🙂 We are also models during our photo shoots.

We want our clothes to be comfortable, timeless and universal.

Here you can find our Customers' opinions about Lazy Daisy - https://lazydaisy.eu/strona/opinie.

Where do we sew and what fabrics do we use?

We design and sew in Lodz - a city in the centre of Poland. We use high quality fabrics from Poland, Spain, the Netherlands and other European countries. We try to use textiles which are produced in a conscious, sustainable way.

How do we pack?

We are doing our best to be environmentally-friendly and we are getting better and better at it! We pack your orders using previously used boxes. We do not use stickers. Instead, we have a special stamp. We do not use plastic bags and we use paper adhesive tape.

Kasia & Zuza (co-founders of Lazy Daisy, friends and authors of the book "Zakochani w kuchni")

Contact us: kontakt@lazydaisy.eu.